Rockwell Relay Moab to St. George – Leg 2

Moab to St. George – Leg 2

Leg Notes

This leg will take you past the beautiful Abajo (Blue) mountains on the right. Passing thought the Comb Ridge at mile 37.5 is a majestic moment. Leg ends at the Mule Canyon trailhead where Anasazi ruins dating back to 1200 AD can be explored. GASOLINE WARNING!!! After the turn off at State Road 95, the next gasoline is in Hanksville, 121 miles away. Make sure to fill up in Monticello, Blanding, or the gas station at the corner of 191 and 95.

Elevation Map – Leg 2


  • 0.0 Head south on 100 E. toward Central St.
  • 0.1 Go right onto Central St.
  • 0.2 Go left at the stop light onto Main St/US-191. Continue south on US-191.
  • 20.8 Turn left at Main St/US-191 S in Blanding. Continue south to follow US-191.
  • 24.8 Turn right at UT-95 N
  • 44.7 Arrive to Mule Canyon parking (on right).

Parking and Notes – Exchange 2

Parking: Pull off to right in the Mule Canyon trailhead parking. Or on side or road on 95. Watch for cyclists.

There is a bathroom at the trailhead. Take a moment to do a short hike at Mule Canyon to see some of the ruins dating back to 1200 A.D.