Rockwell Relay Moab to St. George – Leg 7

Moab to St. George – Leg 7

Leg Notes

This section of State Road 12 is what makes it famous! It just cannot be put into words, but here we go with a meager attempt. As you descend from Boulder down to the Escalante river, you will thoroughly enjoy cycling down the famous ridge at mileage 6.3 with steep drop off’s on both sides of the road. You will feel as though you are cycling in the clouds. As you near the Escalante River you will pass the Calf Creek Gorge (home of Calf Creek Falls) on the right. Excellent views from a top the road down to the green bottom of the gorge are breathtaking. Shortly after climbing up from the river on the other side you come to a windy section of road that contours a rugged white slickrock. At mileage 26.1 you will pass through the town of Escalante and begin an ascent back into Dixie national forest. After reaching a mild summit, you wind down the narrow canyon and end in the town Henrieville, population 159.

Elevation Map – Leg 7


  • 0.0 Head southwest on UT-12
  • 56.6 Arrive to Henrieville Park Exchange

Parking and Notes – Exchange 7

Parking: Turn right on 100 W in Henrieville and park on the west side of the park.

Small park has water and shade (like you’ll need it in the middle of the night). Restrooms located in Tropic (5 miles ahead) at the pizza restaurant.