The Rundown


Lead by the event co-founder and avid rider, Tyler Servoss, our staff consists of volunteers who are passionate about curing blindness. Many have been with us for years and we are committed to bringing you the best racing experience possible. Oh, and we are big on family so expect to see a lot of similar looking people!


Because you ride they can see! Our mission is to cure blindness around the world. We provide athletes with an exceptional cycling relay event focused on fun, safety, relationships and making a difference in the lives of those affected by blindness.


What is the Vision Relay: Moab to St. George? It’s taking 3 of your buddies and cycling, non-stop, from Moab to St. George. One teammate in the saddle at all times makes for a ‘never forget’ experience. Covering 525 miles of majestic beauty, it is a ride that only invokes a sense of awe. It will test your mind, body, and soul.

The race begins in Moab, UT on Friday, June 8 at 7am for non-competitive teams, 9am for competitive teams, and 11am for open teams. The start line is at Swanny Park. The course will follow the scenic backroads of southern Utah, traveling through two National Parks and Utah’s most beautiful landscapes. The race will continue through the night into Saturday until each team reaches the finish line at Unity Park in Ivins, Utah just 10 minutes outside of St. George. Total miles traveled will be 525.

Each team will include 4 cyclists. Each cyclist will ride a total of 3 legs of the course. The average of each leg is 44 miles. Cyclist 1 will ride Leg 1, then at the first exchange switch off to Cyclist 2, and so on until all 12 legs are completed. For more details see the race bible.

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